Enterprise ready mapping solution

Google Earth Enterprise allows you to synthesize terabytes of imagery, terrain and vector data to make a quick mapping application for your users.

Safe and Secure

Create custom layers for Google Maps or Google Earth with private data and limit use to only a department or an organization. Leverage the same security you already have in your current organization with data that resides entirely on-site.


View your custom map layers on the go - even when connectivity is lacking - with the Google Earth Enterprise Portable solution.


Google Earth Enterprise creates map layers with private data, viewable on Google Earth and Google Maps. Any employee who is familiar with Google Earth or Maps can view your organization's data - without worrying about learning a new software program.

Controllable Data

Manage how your data is viewed by your users with control over everything from color and visibility, to the attributes exposed in the pop-up bubbles. Updates to your sensitive data remain in your organization's hands.